Box hover Effect - 4 BOX ( squared and rounded shapes )

Box hover Effect

Made with Hype© only, no further javascript or animated SVG


> DOWNLOAD Hype© Template + Resources Folder

Compatibility: Tested on several small devices and desktop browser Mac/Win.



Really nice. Thanks for sharing

Wow! Thanks a lot, very much appreciated!

Likewise, "Wow!"
I see a lot of Hype-based animations so I’m admittedly hard to impress, but this was definitely impressive.
Thanks for sharing the Hype document as well!

(And appreciated, but no need to put the © after Hype)

jonathan thanks for the compliments, I really appreciate
Sorry for the © is an habit :slight_smile:
in any case I'll add the registered symbol in the documentation. is due.

I have experience, but a program like this, so fun I've never found before!
I really love Hype and I've left Edge for your software.

I have more projects in progress and I used Hype for an App also.

thnaks again