Bounce Tricky Bounce

Do you remember that I've been ask to make games for public transportation in México City, for the Metrobus that is giving free internet, and as a part of the service there will be games for the people to entertain while they are traveling.

One of my conditions was to make only one button games and is been a little bit difficult, so I decided to think in just one hand controls, so I start making regular games besides one button ones, that lets me create hyper casual games fast enough to deliver the games.

I've been creating so many games, but I will showing those polish games here, and some of them are based in great posts in this forum.

I made this little bouncing game, just use your mouse or finger to drag and control de paddle and don't let the ball fall out of the screen, sounds easy right?

Play Bounce Tricky Bounce

I'm working in the one button version.


It reminds me of a flappy bird dynamic where non-linear timing and perhaps some input delay makes it trickier than it would seem :slight_smile:.

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