Book or Video Tutorials?


Brace yourselves, Hype 4 is coming! I’m not sure if it will be in Winter, or Spring… or even Summer or Fall. The point is, there’s probably not a lot of time left to make A Book About Hype 4.

One thing is clear, you want videos…

…but making a book AND videos is a lot of work. So, I’ve been wondering, should I just make video tutorials? That’s what this thread is about. I recently received a private message saying I should do videos too.

If you could only have tutorials in one format, either an ePub book or videos, which would you choose?

  • :blue_book: Book (ePub) – Keep Doing What You’re Doing!
  • :tv: Videos – I’d rather watch than read!
  • :blue_book: + :tv: BOTH – Get to work Mike, I want both!

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The debate is if I should do something on YouTube / Vimeo / Digital Download, or just stick to the current format. A Book About Hype 3.5+Pro was a successful project. Maybe I shouldn’t mess with a winning formula. Pricing would probably look something like this…

  • Interactive ePub (iBooks) = $15
  • Videos (Digital Download) = $20
  • Both (iBooks with videos) = $30

I’d probably make some great videos, but wow, I’m not feeling the motivation right now. That’s what this thread is about. Is the demand really there? If so, then I probably should get working.

(Joe Moretti) #2

Include the project files pls


Yeah, if I actually finish this project, including the template seems likely.

So, which option do you prefer… book, video or both?
(Project files are likely with any of those three options.)

I tried to update the poll with a fourth option…

  • Do Nothing – Go relax Mike!

…but the poll can’t be updated after 5 minutes. :smile:

(Ken Heins) #4

I am inclined toward books, my comprehension is definitely higher, verified by school system testing, especially if there are project files. It’s easier to go back and check something.

But I would be ok with video with project files. But NOT with cheesy background music, not joking there is one out there for an unrelated industry that has videos showing a process with music …BLECHHHH

I am 99.9999999 % sure you would not do that LOL


I’d rather have no background music than bad background music. I’m not sure music is necessary, as I’m not trying to create dramatic suspense. Although, a lot of the educational videos on YouTube do have background music, such as Vsauce and Life Noggin.