Book or Video Tutorials?

Brace yourselves, Hype 4 is coming! I’m not sure if it will be in Winter, or Spring… or even Summer or Fall. The point is, there’s probably not a lot of time left to make A Book About Hype 4.

One thing is clear, you want videos…

…but making a book AND videos is a lot of work. So, I’ve been wondering, should I just make video tutorials? That’s what this thread is about. I recently received a private message saying I should do videos too.

If you could only have tutorials in one format, either an ePub book or videos, which would you choose?

  • :blue_book: Book (ePub) – Keep Doing What You’re Doing!
  • :tv: Videos – I’d rather watch than read!
  • :blue_book: + :tv: BOTH – Get to work Mike, I want both!

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The debate is if I should do something on YouTube / Vimeo / Digital Download, or just stick to the current format. A Book About Hype 3.5+Pro was a successful project. Maybe I shouldn’t mess with a winning formula. Pricing would probably look something like this…

  • Interactive ePub (iBooks) = $15
  • Videos (Digital Download) = $20
  • Both (iBooks with videos) = $30

I’d probably make some great videos, but wow, I’m not feeling the motivation right now. That’s what this thread is about. Is the demand really there? If so, then I probably should get working.

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Include the project files pls

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Yeah, if I actually finish this project, including the template seems likely.

So, which option do you prefer… book, video or both?
(Project files are likely with any of those three options.)

I tried to update the poll with a fourth option…

  • Do Nothing – Go relax Mike!

…but the poll can’t be updated after 5 minutes. :smile:

I am inclined toward books, my comprehension is definitely higher, verified by school system testing, especially if there are project files. It’s easier to go back and check something.

But I would be ok with video with project files. But NOT with cheesy background music, not joking there is one out there for an unrelated industry that has videos showing a process with music …BLECHHHH

I am 99.9999999 % sure you would not do that LOL

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I’d rather have no background music than bad background music. I’m not sure music is necessary, as I’m not trying to create dramatic suspense. Although, a lot of the educational videos on YouTube do have background music, such as Vsauce and Life Noggin.

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