Bobblehead animations

Wondering if anyone has created a virtual Bobblehead. Where when the user click/tap the head, it bobbles realistically…like a bobblehead toy.

I’m a bit overloaded right now, so I’ll just post the theory on how this might be possible…

…so Matter.js is the Physics engine… and Hype 4 has API access… so it seems like it’s a matter of flipping the gravity (or giving the head upward thrust) and then connecting the “head” element to the neck element. If someone pulls on the head, it should snap back and wobble around… just like the chains in the demo.

Screen Shot 2020-05-11 at 6.17.22 PM

You can even flip the gravity there to get an idea on how it would work. It’s hard to tell if it will create the effect you want, as other elements are attached, but it does bounce around.

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Damn, that’s cool. Thanks for sending.