Blog Hosting - Not Embedding 3rd Party?


I’ve been looking everywhere for info on if Hype can help me create a blog for my website. For SEO purposes hosting a blog directly is better than embedding a 3rd party site, like Blogger or Tumblr. I’m coming from Hype 1.6.2 and am upgrading to Hype Pro. Perhaps the old Hype could do it also? Most likely, I’m just not aware on how to build one. Can the new Hype help me do this? Or are there Hype tutorials on this I simply have not found yet? - Thanks soOOO much!

Hype isn’t for building blogs themselves or hosting them; Hype is more targeted at making animated/interactive content that could be included in a blog as a header or posts. For example, if you choose WordPress, we have lots of information on including Hype-produced content in Wordpress:

Thanks so much for your reply! I am familiar with the fact that Hype is not a server.
I was more referring to the functionality of building a blog/journaled format for a web page… like what old iWeb did…So as not to use Wordpress or Blogger at all.
If I am correct in understanding your reply… Hype can’t help me build that format for a page in my website. Right?

Ah yes, iWeb had some features that could help build a “local” blog… unfortunately Hype doesn’t have any of these features. Sandvox is similar to iWeb and to my knowledge has similar features for making blogs.

Perfect! I can combine Hype’s benefits with Sandvox!!! … or now that you’ve pointed me in that direction: RapidWeaver, Flux… ? Any favorites that offer lots of options? I enjoy learning curves and adjust quickly. Thank you so much!!!