Blank page in Yosemite Safari / Firefox

I just upgraded one volume to Yosemite. Using Safari 8.0.5, I went to a page on my site that has a hype animation. I can hear the intro music to the animation but the page is totally blank - not just the animation. No menu or header art, nothing. Same thing with Firefox.

The older Hype banner animation at the top of the home page plays okay, as does the small looping “dog” animation on the home page that is linked to the page in question.

I’ve had this animation up for around nine months without problems. I’ve made no changes to the animation or to the page. I assume that this is Apple’s doing.

Is there anything I can to to force the page to display?

Here’s the home page:
Here’s the blank page:


The image above is the stack, notice the div which has a style attached with display:block When you first click the second link, that is display:none which will give you a blank page. I changed the display to block, so visible.


The best advice is to set up logging while you’re creating the app. Log everything, any action. Set up a function that either writes to a database, or a file, so its easy to call it, set one up on PHP and the other in JS, depending on what you are doing.

I leave logging live for about a month after completion of a project, so any issues I can find out why quickly, rather than having to try and replicate what the user did :smile: