Black Outline on PNG

Hey guys,

First time using Hype 3, so I apologize if there is a setting I’ve missed that fixes this.

The problem I’m having is with a thin black line appearing only in IE10 on top of a PNG. The black line actually moves up the banner ad while another PNG is rotating. Once the rotation stops the moving of the black line also stops, but it does not disappear. That is the problem. It sits on top of wording like so:

I noticed that in the version history there was an issue similar to it which was fixed. Seen here: (cmd+f / ctrl+f for black outline) on April 9, 2013.

There is no outline or border set on any of the PNGs I’m using. Anything I’m missing here?


Can you share your original Hype file? (Or an example document?)

I haven’t seen this particular issue in IE10. The black outline fix in 2013 was specifically for old versions of IE.