Big video should be loaded once but parts of it should be played on different pages

I have a 5 min video (roughly 400MB) showing 15 exercises in a continuous flow.
I want to make an iBook with explanations of these exercises, say one page explaines one exercise. At this one page I want to play the part of the video with exactly that one exercise.
So at the end I have 16 pages:
page 1 - exercise 1 - part of video with exercise 1

page 15 - exercise 15 - part of video with exercise 15
page 16 — the whole video can be played here.

Apparently the Media widget in iBooks cannot be used to play only a part of the video (I heard in an older version this was possible).

The “easy” solution of making 15 parts of the video as separate videos seems to need the complete video in addition to the parts for the last page - that would be 400+400 = 800MB (double the size).

So here is the question:
Can I make a video playing widget in Hype 3 with the following specifications:

  • the video is loaded only once in the iBook
  • at each instance of the widget I can set start and end time to play
  • all instances of the widget use the same video

Thank you for all hints. I have not started to code this project, because I do not understand, if I can load the video once and use it in different widget instances.

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I'm thinking that there probably isn't an easy way to do this. Pages doesn't have the features you're looking for and it would be tricky to do with Hype.

The trick is to call the video locally, and then use JavaScript to jump to the point in time that you want. I haven't done this, but I'm imagining that it involves editing the ePub manually. You grab the file location manually, and then call that file in the ePub – probably with a customized Hype file.

I haven't done this, but I'm thinking that you'd export your book with the video. Then, open the ePub document to find the file structure. Find the videos in the ePub. Use those locations in a Hype project to make a video player. Put that Hype project in your original book. Export the book again, see if it works.

I'm not sure if it will actually work.

Thank you, Michael.
Yes, the question reduces to:
Can I access a video, which is in a media widget in iBooks through javascript in a Hype widget?
Or: Can I access a video which is in a Hype widget A on another page through a Hype widget B?
There is the local storage for javascript, but it seems not to be made for holding a big video.
I searched a lot to find out more about the “internal file structure” of an iBook, but could not find any hints to this situation…

An ePub is basically a zip file...

Use the terminal app to extract the files.


oh, wow, thank you! That works even for .ibooks - Thank you!
I will report here, if I am successful in “reusing a video several times” in the same book.
Thank you again!