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Hi Folks!
I’m working on my second Hype-made app for the iOS app store using Xcode’s webkit.
When the app is finished, it will probably be around 70 scenes with text, animation and pictures so I’m trying to do what I can to keep the code light.
I have a question I hope somebody has knowledge about.
I want text to appear after a picture has been tapped.
One way is to use a timeline. But a more tidier way seems to be to make the picture a symbol, put the text in the symbol’s timeline and use custom behavior to trigger the text.
But I wonder if using this method 2 or 3 times per scene for 60 scenes will lower the performance of the app. Would it make a difference to put all the actions in the scene’s mainline?
I’ve attached a document with a sample of both methods.
Thanks in advance! (120.5 KB)

Hei Scott,
if you don´t want to use code… I think, the symbol version is the ‘cleaner’ one. But using custom behaviours is a little bit too complicated. You don´t even have to create a separate timeline for the text animation inside the symbol. Just start the symbol´s Main Timeline by adding a symbol action (start timeline - Main-Timeline - Symbol)

(‘Hauptzeitachse’ means Main Timeline)

Best regards,

TimeLineVsSymbolTL (116.4 KB)


I don’t think you need to worry about the performance of the export itself. Symbols do take up a little more space in the export (file size) but since this is for a native app I assume you do not worry about download weight as much. So I’d go with whichever is easiest for you to maintain in the log run!

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Wow! Thank you Kalle,
I had never noticed the “symbol timeline” option in the (symbol) Actions menu! How embarrassing! Has it been there since Hype introduced Symbols? (^_^;)
This method will save me much time! Thank you !


Thank you for the information, Jonathan!
Actually, I’m planning to use the app online as well, so I will keep this symbol file size in mind. However, Symbols will certainly keep the timeline tidier. I’ll work for the best balance!
And thanks again for Hype!