Best way to manage data into hype web page animation project

hello guys i don’t want to start the wrong way and i would like to create a web page animation dynamically showing datas from a database in hype … what is the best way to make hype communicate with a database in 2018 ? mysql php and ajax or something more accurate ? thanks for your help … and if by chance someone is okay to work it with me as a freelance i am open … of course this is urgent …

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There are lots of ways. It depends on your resources.

Me, I'd probably use a combination of Drupal and Hype. The keyword you're probably looking for is JSON. The database, combined with a web server, would output the data. Hype would go get that data and display it locally.

There's a freelance category here... Freelance - Tumult Forums

Again, resources is key. This sounds like an expensive project. So, you might want to research more. A Drupal project (and web projects in general) can get VERY EXPENSIVE if you're not careful. (Unfortunately, it sounds like you don't have enough time to properly research affordable solutions.) Perhaps a simpler solution is quicker, easier and cheaper. I'm familiar with Drupal and Hype, so that's probably how I would fix the problem, but that's not the only way to do it.

Maybe more detail will help...

  • Where's the data coming from?
  • Is this live data that needs to be constantly updated?
  • How exactly is the data to be displayed? (Charts?!)

I haven't actually taken on any freelance projects from here, just being friendly :smiley:

many thanks for your help … the objective is simple i have a list of guests that arrives in a room … names and firstnames. I want to record their name in a database to be sorted alphabetically and then when, i need it, i want to action a kind of wheel of fortune that will turn and point out a name randomly from the database . This name will be shown on screen and that’s it …

Sounds like a scary Movie… :grin:

Different approaches from the top of my mind

  • If this is a onetime scenario you don’t even need a database. Just store the info in the app / browser (LocalStorage). I just put the following “hammer” together and therefor every problem currently looks like a"nail" to me :wink:

  • If you need a database you need to run a server and a server side language.
    • You then can either write the data into the HTML page (hidden DIV’s with class or ID, innerHTML and/or dataset-attributes) and then fetch it from Javascript (querySelectorAll)
    • Or you can use a async call to the server and request the data from the server using a Ajax (JSON etc.). JQuery (ajax, get) has this included and for vanila JS you can use

could be fun … but in fact it s a communication exercise for young disabled people … we train them to be involved in communication when they are not ready to do it naturally …

okay i hev now to make up my mind … do i need persistent data for future use or am o ready to loose all names on the list if i take to no database option…
anyway thanks for your help

Hey @MaxZieb, have you worked with Atomic yourself? Would you recommend something else for basic persistent storage now?

… is just for the AJAX-part that request json or something else …

fetch should be easy and fine too …