Best way to configure this simple animation?

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I have a circle with concentric lines (vector objects) that move to create a 3D vibe. There are 3 copies of a line, which repeat in order to provide an infinitely spinning globe. Pretty much works as planned.

I’m wondering what the slickest way is to set this up within Hype. Right now, I have each line doing its animation on a separate timeline so that they can be staggered but repeat. It gets the job done but doesn’t feel terribly eloquent.

I’m also confused as to why, after each line was placed on their own timeline, their initial state is shifted left.

globe (25.7 KB)

I would do it kind of this way:

  • create a symbol containing the line animation
  • let the line fade out in the end of the animation (looks more natural)
  • create an endless loop at the end of the animation, by adding a 'startTimeline' timeline action
  • add a custom behavior inside the symbol that starts the symbol´s main timeline
  • duplicate the symbol twice, adjust the custom behavior for each symbol, by giving them an appropriate name
  • now place the symbol onto the stage, create a new timeline (here 'lineAnimation')
  • on this timeline start the three symbols by adding three timeline actions that call the custom behaviors with a delay (you could also place these commands on the Hype document´s main timeline but I think it´s always better, to keep thing independent from each other...)

Hope, this helps.

globe (35.4 KB)


you can even avoid the custom behaviours by using ths symbolActions :slight_smile: (26.4 KB)


Of course you could, but - as I said - I prefer to make things more independent from things going on on the Main Timeline...

good point :slight_smile:

just to mention: actions are not bound to the maintimeline. they can also be trigggered from any timeline except from within symbols

Thank you, @ktewes and @h_classen, this is great. I went down the symbol path for a bit but got confused, or frustrated, or something–I forget. It was a long night.

It's super helpful to see how different minds approach the same thing.

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