Best solution for approved CDN for DoubleClick HYPE-###.thin.min.js

Hi there, I’m wondering if there’s a list of DoubleClick approved CDN links that can be used for external runtime URLs for the outputted HYPE-538.thin.min.js file? I have a list of approved vendors from DCM:

But I’m not sure which of these (if any) offer a external link for the outputted JS file for ads that can be integrated with DoubleClick. I’m trying to reduce my ad sizes without compromising the image quality too much, and the outputted file is just pushing everything over the edge. Any advice would be very, very appreciated.

P.S. I’m not sure if this topic has been addressed in the past, I didn’t see anything on any of the message boards in relation to this issue with an answer I could use. Thank you!!!

Is there no solution for this out there?

The official Hype CDN can be found here:

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Well Google should think of a new way to accept CDN’s. Event with the rawgit link the Adwords Server do not accept it.

@Daniel is there any update on the Google CDN system? I have some banner that are too big with the min.js file.

No updates at this time, but using their contact form to request that they host the library would be helpful!

The situation has changed a bit – our CDN can now be used in Doubleclick / Google Ads. For Adwords, check this beta export script: Google Adwords (Google Ads) Best Practices

And for DCM please see: Google DCM - Using Official Hype CDN

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