Best resources for novice users: Uploading site with FTP program

Hi all,

I have spent a lot of time trying to find the answers on my own and am just getting frustrated now. I created a site with a few scenes in Hype. I exported an html and resources in a new folder.

There seems to be no free hosting available, like dropbox, according to other reading I've done in forums. So I paid for a domain and shared hosting from GoDaddy. I've tried connecting to FTP but keep getting connection errors. I then tried uploading directly into CPanel's file manager into the /public_html folder but continue getting a "This site is parked for free by GoDaddy" when I test going to the website's url after the upload.

I'm not sure how to upload my Hype work into CPanel or how to connect the domain name to the site I've created in Hype.

If there is somewhere you can point me that has an example exactly like my situation that would be great. Any help, advice, screenshots would also help.


Hi Nick,

I think you also emailed us, but please let me know if you continue to have issues getting your site up via FTP.

(This guide is what might helpful for others hitting this issue: Video tutorial: Uploading your Tumult Hype document to a Web Server and Embedding Within Another HTML Page )

Thanks for the help! Yes, the email was me too lol

You're so responsive, it really helps a lot and I appreciate it. -N