Best practise resizing symbols / textboxes across different layouts

I’m working on a project where I have complex graphics that consists of dozens of textboxes, lines and icons. Now I want to work on the responsive layouts. To save time I would like to use symbols for the graphics. So is it possible to use different sizes for the same symbol on different layouts?

Maybe there is a better solution for my issue. Appreciate your help.
Cheers Stefan

Symbols can be useful for this: you can hold ⌘ while dragging a corner of a symbol to scale it down for use in a smaller layout. Changes to those graphics or buttons, (or whatever) will of course be synced across those layouts. If you just have an image that you want to keep synced between layouts without having two separate images, you can just use the same image in two places: replace the image in he resource library and it will update everywhere it is used.

For the text you can use this trick, one text box for all layouts with different sizes but just one symbol per text

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