Before / After photo effect

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I would like to create something like this with Hype 3 Pro:

I managed to manually create a iBook Author Widget which works quite well (despite the fact I get a white flash while the widget loads) … but I would like to include this type of effect within a Hype project.

Can someone give me some suggestions ?



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Just found this topic !

(stephen) #3

Here is an example I made a while back that has a drag reveal. Hope it helps! (504.7 KB)

Howto: Four Different Masking Techniques
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Thanks Stephen - nice and easy solution once you master Hype :wink:

(Markus Bjerre) #5

I experienced some glitching with Stephens version, probably because the way you relatively decrease and increase group/image size and position. I would check out h_classen’s version instead GL29, even if it’s quite hard to understand the way it works and how it’s coded; the animation is seamless on my end.

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Correct Markus … But I wish someone could help amending h_classen’s version so the picture is revealed half way from the start.

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Nice Stephen! I’ve never seen it work like that before.

The only way I’ve been able to work this effect out in the past is the iframe in a “before/after” HTML frame I create and host separately as attached…

Hope that helps… (88.3 KB) (525.3 KB)