Batch of picture-revealers

last year on 14. of july there's been a flood-catastrophy in our region

Looking good (functionality) and bad (content, what a horrific event). The dragging speed needs to be fixed is slightly off in the mobile version. This brings back memories of us discussing such a widget in this thread:

Keywords: Responsive before and after viewer (slider)

yeah, always wanted to update the modul ... but yet never did :crazy_face:

This post is more about the process to create before and after footage for your slider or animated gif. Was looking a while to find a simple iOS App which can do the job and came up with CameraLayer It is straightforward: First select an image from your Photo Library (this will be the older image). Set transparency of this image so you can overlapping it with your camera view to find the right angle and position. Snap then a new one.
This is what I make so far with this technique.

Screenshot App