Basketball Court Animation

I own a company that sells basketball courts. I deal with many different customers that have many different style options in mind. With covid it’s been hard to meet with them so I would like to try and come up with an interactive basketball court diagram where people and play around with different colors to get a feel of how it would look. Would this be possible on hype or is that more JavaScript. Would love to know.

as long as you create the parts in hype you can colorize the properties of those parts in timelines.

an image or imported svg can just be colorized and sized over all ...

There is an old thread showing a way this can be done

Changing image hue and/or saturation.

No JS just relative Timelines

Here is an update of the last example ( add hue colours for the rims ( using single image ) (1.7 MB)

But read the thread..


Here is another example:

Hype Document:

This approach uses images which animate opacity on multiple relative timelines.