Basics: How to add simple click thru URL to banner as html5?

Hey all, need help being a newbie with html5 and actions…

After creating a simple animated banner 300x250 - then adding a timeline action at the end with ‘Go to timeline - Main timeline.’ so it loops nicely. That’s all peachy.

Then I’m adding a 0% opacity rectangle layer above it all, with an Action: ‘Go to URL’ and choosing the specific URL I need. I preview in browser, loops fine and clicks through ok.

However when i save as html5, the people I send the ads say they get an error below…
What am i doing wrong? I’m using Hype 4.0


Can you elaborate on how that error is generated and what ad system is being used?

Those errors seem to not be related to clickthrough actions but instead probably some missing metadata that needs to be specified somewhere.

Hi Jonathan,
I’m not entirely sure as another company take these html5 and run them. I could check further but going from what you said, do you think this is a problem on my end that I’m missing some code on the head html of the document or perhaps in the actions of the transparent button I have?

I saw a post on the forums to use some code on the head like so I tried this option besides the first one above with just Go to URL.

and then the transparent button, running a On Mouse Click, with Javascript action as exitURL with:

Nothing specifically looks wrong with your code to me; and the errors don’t seem related to the exit since they are wanting a valid “asset id” and “asset mime type.” I suspect this has more to do with the ad upload configuration than the ad itself.

I did a quick search for these in relation to quantcast to see if they had basic instructions that might be missing, but their pubic documentation doesn’t say much about them.

Perhaps you could have the other company send you a valid ad and you can compare what is different (and post it here?). If there’s a way for us to test we’d be happy to help you further (but otherwise it is unfortunately shooting in the dark with the plethora of different ad systems!)

Looks like it was in fact an issue in their end.
Either way using the go to url action or even the javascript with exitURL works fine.
Go Hype making it easy for us.

Thanks Jonathan for the help!


Great, glad you figured it out!