Basic question about timelines

Hi all you guys, greetings from Chile, Southamerica.

I am a VFX Artist in my country and i am working on my web portfolio. I have absolutely zero experience and knowledge about web designing, but i am convinced that sometimes the result worth the effort, so i decided to do it by myself.
A year before I did my web page using a little app: Blocs, very easy to use but very restrictive. Surfing the web I read about making fantastic web sites without writing a single code line, and here i am.
I was last 2 hours reading the tuts and Documentation and I am doing some simple but very interesting things with Hype, and I am very excited with the possibilities. But i am stuck on the basic concept of timelines and relatives, mainly (i think) because in Postproduction and Editing the timelines i know works pretty different.

I am trying to control some elements actions using buttons. In the example I put two rectangles, each one with a button, Rectangle1 (R1) with button 1 (B1) and Rectangle 2 (R2) with button 2 (B2). When you press B1, R1 grows and goes up, and the same for B2 and R2. The behavior I want to achieve is when i press B2, R1 returns to its original size and position through the same animation but inverse, and viceversa.

Actually R1 and R2 remains in the final size and position once i pressed B1 and/or B2.

What i am doing wrong?

Thanks in advance. (12.3 KB)

I think you can just add another mouse action for each button with the ‘Play in reverse’ box checked… (13.2 KB)

Hey Greg, thanks for your quick response. Your suggestion works fine, but when i press any button (B1 or B2) twice, all animation stops.
Can you give me an advice to fix this behavior?


User “DBear” came up with a clever method to toggle a button - he actually uses two buttons and hides one via the timeline.
Triggering a second action with the same button.

I broke his method down to simplify it… (13.5 KB)

Slightly more complex Timeline actions… :innocent: (18.8 KB)


Thanks a lot Greg and Mark, Both are very clever solutions. I will apply in my project.


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