Basic Layered Masks

Another old-school item: layered masks… (115.3 KB)

Import some images, select one, group it to itself from the Arrange menu. reduce the size of the group object to a desired size and set the Overflow in the Metrics inspector to hidden. Select the photo, set keyframes for start and finish sizes and positions. Do the same with the other individual photos. Align the groups tightly, then select them all and group them. Now select that group and group this as well. Set position and size keyframes for the master group to make it automatically resize. Step down to the group within this and set keyframes for rotation.

When you’re done you will have a rectangle containing photos that are resizing and rotating in unison while the parent object does the same.

Now set timeline keyframes to have it cycle forwards and backwards, then put on some snake charming music, light some incense. fire it up, and zone out.