Basic file viewer/directory listing

How would i go about creating a basic “index of /” directory. Just so that i can control how its laid out.

Afaik you can only do this server side and by using something like PHP.

But this does not seem like a Hype specific question.

Can you please give more detail.

Instead of seeing the generic “Index Of /” directory. Is hype able to produce one?

I am planning on hosting files for some people to get from my web server on request but i wanted to have something
a little better looking than the plain “Index Of /” directory.

Does this help?

Your best bet is to follow a example like this

You may be able to then use hype for some of it in your adoption.

Or you could do as I say and use PHP to get the file directory list ( Which you still have to do in the example above ) and then create elements and append them to where you need them,

But doing it the latter way may be harder than the former.

Here is a basic example of the latter, I am using a hard coded file list (URLS) as an example list. (19.6 KB)