Basic Clock - with Start Timer

While there are several sample clock/timer files available, my expertise is limited in customizing one for our needs.

I am hopeful one of our Hype community could help us with this?

We require a small clock that can display on screen... with a 'Start Clock' button and the ability to set the time from 10 mins - 20 mins. Clock starts at 00:00 and counts up every second to the set time. Once set time has been reached, clock stops. Admin sets clock time, user does not.

This would be very helpful and most appreciated for any assistance... we can also make a payment for that expertise.
Thanks in advance. (15.3 KB)
as always i recommend countup.js. it's made for this and offers options and stable functionality.

this for example will run 75 seconds and serves mm:ss:

	let countTo = 75; //seconds to count

	function someMethodToCallOnComplete() {

	const options = {
		duration: countTo, //duration in seconds
		useEasing: false,
		formattingFn: function (n) {
			return new Date(n * 1000).toISOString().substr(14, 5)

	let demo = new countUp.CountUp('target', countTo, options);
	if (!demo.error) {
		demo.start(someMethodToCallOnComplete); //
	} else {

Hello Sir.
Thank you for your kind reply :slight_smile:

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