Banners html5 + alternative JPG

(Nicolas) #1


I am trying Hype3 software . I Have 4 banners animated thank the software. I have exported my banners and google ask to be under 150 ko with the zip… I am ok with this and all the banner work on Google Crome, Safari, Firefox… But my banners doesn’t work with Internet Explorer…and even in IE 11.

Therefore, I would like to load an .JPG when I have this “white page” on IE .

How can I do that? Do your have options in your software for that?

If not … What kind of code I have to add for that?

Thanks a lot.

(Nicolas) #2

no idea? I need help for that… I have tried this kind of code in my header:

But its doesn’t work.

This is my banner folder: (155.2 KB)

Another strange thing: my banner doesnt appear even on IE 11 if I ask to Hype during export to be supported by IE 7 to 9…

An idea please?


Can you choose a name when you export that doesn’t include any foreign characters? (I realize that the default in French contains foreign characters and that shouldn’t happen)

You can rename the slice name during Advanced Export by double clicking on the slice name:

Also you have a filename: 300X250(_background_verte.jpg – can you remove the ( character?