Banner with database input

(cartimundi) #1


is it possible to create a banner for Google Display Network, and get the name and price out of a database?

I make very simple banners for a furniture company, but prices are changing every week.
Would be fantastic, when the price comes out of a database.

(Loves Hype) #2

Technically it’s easy as you can just load a JSON. But you would have to check with Google as they are sensitive to issues around “changing” banners and applying Quality Assurance only once when you publish. So they don’t even like random number generators in Banners that much. Also banner side loading dynamic content from third party servers is the basis of malware banner (Crypto etc.). My hunch is “restrictions may apply”… then again dynamic banners are a thing in remarketing and services like etc. but they offer gated solutions or predefined choices based on user data.

(cartimundi) #3

okay thanks…

i understand the google problem.

but is it maybe possible to create a banner with input (price) from a database -> export -> google
and for the next week, i export it again ( and when the price has changed, its automatically export the banner with the new data, after that i deliver it to google…

(Jonathan Deutsch) #4

If you need to do it at export time, it may be easiest to make a script that looks for specific “magic” strings in your output that it can simply replace.

Hype does have the export script infrastructure, so you could either modify an ad one, though it may not be necessary depending on your use case.