Banner for googles dv360

Has anybody ever made a banner for dv360 and was is successful?
i had made a banner, but I get the message that the banner doesn’t pick up end get the clicks.

As an earlier post, the banner was good…

Our marketing company rather worked with google webdesigner ;-(
I’d like Hype of course…

a working banner prefers above a banner that looks nice but aint working…
I’m wondering where to go, to end up with Hype…

so that’s why my ask,

What is the error the validator gives you?

A Hype export worked in their validator but now it gives you an error?

If you can share a basic example of what you submitted that would be helpful for us to help keep you using Hype :parachute:

I Will do when i’m in the Office again…

I have doubts…

Or the company like gwd, and don’t want to work with hype

Or dv360 likes gwd documents better than hype

…thats why i was wondering of someone had used hype with dv360

Hype is beyond gwd and i prefer it


im getting the same error...

Everything clicks en go to the right url..
but the advertising company says we aint getting clicks on the "line items"
I think it means, it works, but we don't have to pay, because there isn't a counting ..

this is a dutch screenshot of the campaign. (197.3 KB)

Maybe de click tag in on the wrong item is the problem...

i made versions with the click tag on the upper transparent layer called tag...
but also on the group

  • an other question is:
    I put the utm/ url preset in this click tag...but when im export it with DCM settings...
    I get a index.html with lines like this

between the "" I put the url of our site....

below that syntax there is another


function hypeAdExit() {, "_blank");


i overwrite the "_blank" with the same url...
it works, but I should be beter when it takes this url form out Hype itself..

I've received tool to check the banners...and now I can see there isn't a click count..

for a test i made a banner with 3 different click tag formats...none to these are working

Hope anyone can help....( we have a new opening for our store...and the banners aren't working..)


Can you please attach zips of the original .hype documents?

My guess would be that you are not using the Exit action (installed as part of the Export Script) and instead are using Go to URL, but it is hard to tell without seeing the document.

Yes I do the url option....must I do the exit or exit override ?

Above this the attach of some zips

I believe you would need to use the DCM Exit action, since this will call which is the same way that it works for google's sample ads that show the correct behavior.

The zips do not seem to include the originating .hype files which are needed.

okay, I can select EXIT...but where do I have to put my url?
or after that in the html?

and how can I make a zip with the .hype init?
so I can upload it to this forum?

You can select the .hype file, ctrl + click on it, and select ‘Compress’ — then you can drag it into your reply. (133.5 KB)

The export with Exit (DCM) works! thanks...

i put the exit url in het index.html by hand...or is it also possible to it straight in Hype?


The DoubleClick Campaign Manager (DCM) Export Script exposes a clickTag in the Document Inspector that you can use.

Screen Shot 2020-10-29 at 3.22.46 PM

Thank you very much!!! Great this works

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