Banner build on a news site | Take over

Check out this Take-Over from Sonys Playstation 5:

The Superbanner in the middle has some controls to steer too its different assets. Pretty nifty.

Can you share a video of what it looks like for posterity?

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There you go:


Looks cool but as someone who is browsing a page would hate it if that ever became automiatic.

It is too much indeed.


It is a advertiser dream but a user nightmare. These page take overs make me love my ad blocker :slight_smile:

With the current development ads are the tax on the poor not going for a subscription.

Don’t get me wrong I like the craft but it’s nothing I want to see as a user.


Yeah, but I sometimes have to build em to make a living. :slight_smile:
The animations are not smooth. That irritate me.