Banner ad triggering another banner ad

Ok so the site we are advertising on allows 3 different ad spaces, a 728x90 across the top, an mrec, and a 300x600 down the page a little.

The agency wants an animation that seemlessly moves across all 3 ads, as if they were one (imagine 3 holes in the page, and moving an image behind it)

I think all 3 of my ads need to be served via DoubleClick too.

Anyone done this before?

My only thought would be to have an external server somewhere that all 3 ads are listening to, and they all start a timeline when told to by that server… we can’t just do it on a timer as they will all start a slightly different times


Thanks in advance : )

If DoubleClick does not provide any API for syncing ads (i’d think they do …) what about localStorage to communicate clientside …

Yeah, I’d probably try to do this client-side. You could probably use postmessage as a communication channel and maybe have that trigger Hype’s custom behaviors.

wouldn’t postMessage in this case involve the top window as a receiver and transmitter¿ For direct messaging the ads would have to know each other … i guess …

ah and storage is CORS-restricted, so by default there’s no cross- or sub-domain access possible … assuming ads will be delivered through iFrames …

postMessage is broadcast, so siblings will work. It may be structurally simpler to have a parent/children setup though.

My expirence is that all slots on synced banners are siblings of the same order to the main page and the iFrames are maximum sandboxed. Therefore only the add distributior has the means to effectively deploy intermediary code in the parent to channel commands. Preferably therefore look into the means and examples DCS offers.

If you really don’t find anything but I am sure you will as I have last time but using google designer the local storage option did work with flash back in the day. I still have that code somewhere… certainly would need updating.

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