Ballcy (2 buttons game)

Hi again!

Another thing that helped me a lot (in my darkest days) was the idea to create any kind of game. I love one button games, I really do, but I wanted to think in any kind of games, one button, two buttons and more, and I know the best games to make in Hype are those games that can be made with just buttons like a shooting gallery or a wack a mole style games, but I wanted to try buttons, so I started to make some games and this is the first I finished from all.

Is a very simple game and the difference with one button games is that you have to think on the keyboard controls for web browser in computers and tactile buttons for IPAD or mobil phones.

I found this little piece of code that tells me which key is been press.

var x = event.keyCode;
window.button.innerHTML = x;

In this game you have a little ball bouncing and you have to fall in the prices and try not to land in the bombs.I hope you like this new game



UPDATE: I had to change the font of the game from Noteworthy to Caveat, because the Noteworthy can't be seen on phones (I don't know why). I like to change fonts on every game.

In the poster you can see the original font I used.

How do I know which fonts can be seen correctly on every device?

I like fun fonts so by now I'll keep using Caveat.

That's a really fun game dynamic! Like a linear Whac a Mole :slight_smile:.

Noteworthy should be on iOS devices; do you mean android phones?

In general you can change the typography panel from "All Fonts" to "Web" and those should show up okay. That being said it may be better to just use a on-demand downloaded google font or a web font that can give more of the desired personality. (documentation)

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