Ball gains speed and disappears


I'm setting up a project in which I need a ball to move quickly and steadily on the screen. However, when trying to do this in Tumult Hype, the ball gains so much speed that it ends up disappearing, as you can see in the link below.

How to make this ball maintain a fast and constant speed, without disappearing?

The original Hype file is here.


Setting the bounce to '1' will have the ball bounce back to its original position when it falls. Since you have bounce at 1.3, the return force will be higher than the original force. To simulate normal gravity for a super bouncy ball, you want something like .9, so it will act like a ball in planet earth.

(JPEG Image, 300 × 296 pixels)


I modified the physical properties (and colors) of the hype file, but the balls are attracted by gravity and remain below, as you can see here. The original file is here.

I would like to apply an effect similar to the one applied to the ball in the game Pong, where the balls keep hitting the edges and, in my case, between themselves, and always at the same speed.

Pong doesn't really require a physics engine but you can use a physics engine. You would need to set gravity and friction to 0. Then you would need to apply a force to the ball to start it: