Backup image feature – status update please?

Hi there,

I create a lot of animated display advertisements in Hype. For every job, a requirement is that static versions be supplied as jpg or gif. Adobe Edge animate used to have a ‘create poster’ function and would export a frame from where ever your playhead was placed on the timeline. Generally it’s the last frame you want to capture. I’ve been taking screenshots, but it’s quite fiddly. A camera button or advanced export option would be wonderful.

I know this has been on your ‘to do’ list for a long time. What’s the status on this feature?


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It’s a feature I’d like to see. Exporting a sequence or capturing the screen can be time consuming. In my case, as I usually do an animation at the end so the loop runs smoothly, when the ad starts over three times before stop, I rather have the fallback image to be set in a point in the timeline (for example, at 00:08:00). I have seen a couple requests around this community and looked like it’s taken under consideration :slight_smile:

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