Autosave Feature


Would it be possible to introduce an autosave feature to Hype, this would be so useful.

Perhaps an incremental autosave myfile1.bak, myfile2.bak etc.

If I remember right,
If you hit save, you can then go to the restore from previous version in the file menu and you will get a time machine type timeline that offers you the different saved versions.

I am not a fan of autosave in general. In other apps, as many times as an autosave has “saved” me, it has also burned me because I had a reason to wait.

As Mark said the present option for a restore works well.


It would be nice if the HYPE file structure (esp. plists) were compatible with common version control systems. Being able to step back, branch, merge etc would certainly facilitate development and experimentation.

version control would be nice, I have never used this on a mac so do not know the challenges involoved.

Hype indeed does use the macOS Versions feature (more info). Checkpoints are always made on save.

Note that these are local to your machine; if you want to catalog backups elsewhere you’ll have to do this manually.