Autoplay Youtube embedded video does not work in Chrome

I've just embebed a YouTube video following the instructions found in the Forum but it does not work the autoplay in Chrome, otherwise it works in Safari.
Have anyone a solution for this please?

The atached file is the one found in the forum... (13.0 KB)

Try de-selecting the Protect from external styles option.

It does not work... :frowning:

Did you clear the browser cache after making this change?

it still doesn't Safari it works fine but not in Chrome...

Is this on a web server or testing locally? You're likely hitting restrictions on the MEI. More info here: Autoplay policy in Chrome - Chrome Developers

More info: Chrome's new Media Engagement Index

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I'm testing localy, but I'd like to know if there will be problems when I decide to upload to server as well...

Autoplay unfortunately isn't a yes or no situation -- so definitely test is on a server as soon as you can if you want to rely on that behavior. This might help:

In Chrome, you can then visit:


To see how different sites fare

Finally I could run the code...