Autoplay video after timeline animation

Good morning everybody:

I have a doubt that if this timeline tool you can control over time the videos and audios … Because I want to make an animation first you have to animate with movement (during a 1 second and automatically activated the playback play of this video) or must do with Javascript. I’m not much programming with javascript but I always want to learn it.

I hope that if you help me and serve a lot for this phenomenal effect.

Thank you

Note that for Video Elements you can actually drag the video track on the Main Timeline to control when it starts. (of course it must be muted in most browsers for autoplay to work)

Likewise for audio, if you are using the built-in audio feature, you can just create a timeline action that is set to Play Sound at the specified time. Audio also won’t autoplay on most browsers though without some first user interaction that starts one sound.

If you want to control by javascript, it isn’t too much code. For video, you first will need to give the video element a Unique Element ID in the Identity Inspector (I’ll call mine “myVideo”). Then javascript would be: