Autoplay from specified time

Hi, how can I autoplay 3 instances of the same video so that each one auto starts at a different time? [same scene]

There's definitely different ways to do this, but probably the most basic approach I'd take would be:

  1. Import the video as normal Hype video elements.

  2. For each video, turn off Autoplay. We'll be doing this on our own.

  3. In the Identity Inspector, give each video element a Unique Element ID. Each must be different (naturally). For my example, I will give my myvid1, myvid2 etc...

  4. Add a Timeline Action for each video when you want to play it. The timeline action should use the action Run JavaScript… and in the code editor, use this code (replacing the video ID as appropriate):

  5. Repeat step 4 for each video/time you want to start

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Thanks for this solution,

Might be useful for others: to have multiple videos starting from different points in their own timeline, follow the above but use this code instead:

var vid = document.getElementById("insertelementIDhere");
vid.currentTime = 24;;

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