Automatic resizing

I have an animation with 2 elements (to simplify the actual situation a bit;-). Initially only one element is displayed, and when you click on it, a second element opens underneath the first element.

After exporting this animation and placing it in a web app, the whole visualization has a fixed height. This means that when the 1st element isn’t clicked there is white space underneath it (i.e., the space where the 2nd element will be shown once the 1st element does get clicked).

However, I don’t want this white space. Is there a way for the visualization to automatically resize (since it needs additional space for the 2nd element but doesn’t need this space when the 2nd doesn’t need to be shown)?

Even if they partially overlap (which they do)?

You can place the objects in a group, set the overflow to hidden, then animate the height of the group to display or hide the bottom element.

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