Automatic Fallback Image for Unsupported Browsers?

(Matt) #1

Hi there!

In order to reduce file size I have removed support for IE6-9. I was wondering how you could automatically set a fallback/backup image (JPG/GIF) to display when an older or unsupported browser is detected?

My understanding is it is not required for Double-click as you upload the fallback image separately (?), however, some providers seem to require this to be done at the banner level and I can’t seem to find anyway to go about it here.

Would very much appreciate any assistance.

Fallback Image code
Save Frame Screenshot Jpg / backup image as JPG or PNG?

Does including IE6-9 support push your file size over a limit? If it doesn’t, I would keep IE6-9 support in place and also use the fallback image.

What providers require this?

You can create a conditional CSS block that only runs on IE ‘LT’ / ‘less than’ version 10:

<!--[if lt IE 10]>
#document_hype_container {display:none;}
#replacementimage {display:block;}

And then above your Hype div, you would place:

<img src="fallbackimage.jpg" id="replacementimage" style="display:none;" width="400" height="600">

(Matt) #3

Hi Daniel, thank you so much for the reply. That method of fallback is clever, I didn’t think about doing it within the html file itself I was trying to achieve it within hype. I’ve done as you’ve suggested and kept i.e. 6-9 support in place and trimmed file size elsewhere.

From what I’ve read I can lose the to get it through Double-click understanding I’ll lose some transitions in the process.

Now just need to get “polite loading” figured out!

(Matt) #4

Thank you for all your assistance Daniel. Very much appreciated you helping me work through all the questions.