Automatic adjustment of the points of the vector shapes

I'm having trouble copying a logo with vector shapes in Hype. The main problem is the automatic adjustment of elements and points that Hype has. Even disabling that function in the "Layout" menu (I don't know the real name in English because I have the Spanish version). When I try to move a point of the vector form freely and precisely, it is impossible to avoid automatic anchoring.
This becomes very, very annoying to work on designs with precision. It's true that the margin is minimal and almost imperceptible to animation, but you can feel a little vibration.
I will accompany you with a video so that you can better understand what I mean. I clarify that in the video I am working with the maximum zoom magnification, so that the problem can be seen well.

Is there any trick or way to be able to have complete freedom to move and place the points of the vector shapes where one needs to and avoid automatic anchoring? Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

You are at 3200% that is way below pixel precision. My guess you need to trace the shape starting with a bigger scale of the shape. You can later scale it down. So, I Hype is rounding the increments to pixels. If you drag an anchor point or use the arrow key the rounding kicks in. If you enter a value manually it works… but reverts to rounding when touched again. @Saeta seams to be right… I guess the trade off would be some cutoff to avoid very long floats.


Thank you very much Max. I am accustomed to vector design programs that allow infinite zoom and do not give these problems. I will keep this in mind for new work.

By correcting the decimals I can adjust it very precisely. Right now it's a good solution. In the future I will redraw the logo in big size and then reduce it. It is more effective. Thank you very much for the solution :grinning: :beers:

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