Auto start a musical score on iDevices

(Jean Robert Thibault) #1

Hi all you gurus out there

I have a problem that bother me allot since many moons

If you check this on a iMac or laptop you will ear the orchestra getting ready. BUT on iDevice no sound can be heard

I know Apple put some sand in the gearing somewhere. To start a sound on iDevice, we must make an action like clicking a button. But with all the possibility found in Hype, is there a bypass to triger this issue.

Isn’t a possibility with Javascript. Ans I know many people will want to do this.

Thanks for your precious advice

JR Thibault, author of AudioTech web site

(Jean Robert Thibault) #2

I remember in the old time of Macromedia Director, there was a function that could send a mouseDown to a button. Can this be implemented in Hype.

To play a background sound on a iDevice, one must press a button but not on a Mac. I have been told that this is a long time decision made by Apple but now, is that parameter still necessary?


(james koh) #3

this might help you to understand.

(Jean Robert Thibault) #4

Oh my God, so many thanks JamesKoh. If you were around, I would offer you a good beer and lunch.

Many thanks


(james koh) #5

@Monteverdi my pleasure~