Auto Scene Menu / Navigation Builder

Thought I would help anyone who would like a drop down menu that builds itself.

Copy and Paste another scene to include the symbol menu and the onLoad script for each scene.

Enjoy! (103.3 KB)


@Krazay thanks a lot

very nice! this is a missing feature for the web development.
this is perfect for the responsive navigation

A variant without dropdown for desktop layout would be equally useful ?
you can have a horizontal or vertical menu with css.

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Good Idea!

BTW Menu doesn’t show on last 2 scenes if you jump straight to them on first load in your example :wink:

If you go through them in order or jump to Peach and then go them it’s fine.

maybe some ajax and document ready… i just tried that and got the same error… weird.

If you change the first Scene’s Symbol to a persistent one and the replace all the other scene’s symbols with it. Then everything will work as expected.

automenubuilder (122.4 KB)



improved CSS

  • more similar in all browser

  • now you can change color of the rectangle in hype, by default the button is white, opacity 60%.

  • Persistent Symbol with autosize ( horizontal), thanks to css ( embedded in the symbol) you can resize the symbol horizontally with different lenghts in each layout (or scene), without timeline, just resize the box!.

Added full list or “scene Transitions” ( for testing)

New iPhone layout ( for testing the Persistent symbol with different lenghts)



Nice collaboration - Thanks to All!

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You guys are great… went to bed with that small problem and wake up, and you guys have so improved it! LOL
I must admit I love code and this forum, you guys are all great!


Great - thanx a lot!

@Krazay @DBear can we share this template in HypeDocks?

I’m pretty sure it’s up to @Krazay I don’t see why not though.

Updated the home page and some things
looks nice :slight_smile:

I’m up for anything… Throw it up…looks good with the colours.
You are a true artist michelangelo! :slight_smile:

Thanks Steve

New Addon available, thanks to this forum :slight_smile:

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I downloaded the the auto menu builder add on; works great in preview, but when exporting as HTML5 there seems to be an error with onSceneChange()


Any ideas on this problem?


The script as-is requires the exported file to be named “index” - this comes from inner html within the Rectangle of the menu_autofit_horizontal persistent symbol:


Thanks for your quick response. That solved the problem.

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Hi guys!
This menu is great! Jonathan's last post was a life-saver!
I've run into a conflict in code and I'm hoping one of you can help.
When I use the hype Scene Inspector to add swipe navigation, the auto scene menu stops working.
Does anyone know a fix?
Thanks always!

Here is a simpler version with local code:
Select Scene Persistant (31,9 KB)


Thank you Max! I will give it a try!