Auto margin / text

I have created a location map, which works fine. The only thing is that somewhere the hype document gets a margin that is set on auto. I want to align the location ap on the left, but now it leaves space.
Second I can not select the text bellow the map .

Please post an example of your Hype document for the most accurate solution.

Just an example of the issue will do - not necessarily the whole Hype document - if there are confidentiality issues.

Dear jim,

Enclosed the file. (79.0 KB)

I suspect that this is a wordpress wrapping issue rather than your document

Sorry - I’ve been without electricity for three days here in N. California due to extreme fire danger and am just now getting things back to “normal”.

As @MarkHunte suggests this is not a Hype issue. The div your Hype project is being placed in has its margin style set to “auto”.

The reason why You can not access the text is because there is another object over it (group “Groningen”).