Auto-height of scene

(Artem Fedorov) #1

I made interactive prototype of mobile app. On the layout I have a accordion component, when click on it height of accordion are changing. So I need to change position of all objects below accordion. For this I made new timeline where I change position of needed objects. But I can’t change height of scene.

So in this case I need to add css code:

.HYPE_scene {
	overflow:unset !important;
.HYPE_document {
	overflow:unset !important;

Maybe you add a checkbox for autoheight of scene? Or add a feature to animate height of scene?

(Loves Hype) #2

There is a extension for that … look at

(sa1) #3

Also you can create a group with a flexible size at the scene top level, set it’s overflow mode to scroll and put your content into it