Audio problem with ipad

Thanks to all great Guru into this forum.
If possible i need your help.

I have a really simple scene test with only two buttons: “start music” & " stop music"… i can listen sound in safari and chrome preview, but no at all into ipad preview… i tried both an old ipad with ios 9, and a new ipad with the last ios.

What can i do? It’s really important for my next projects… i searched over the forum but i can’t find a fix. I hope is not a bug about hype…

Thanks a lot for your help.

Sorry… i forgot: i notice a problem (in ios/android versions) also with the function “send an email”: chrome, safari ok… mobile nothon at all… really i don’t know if is my mistake or various problems in terms of hype/mobile version. But i see a lot of web app for ipad with suonds and music and i think is it possible to do with the amazing Hype… thanks for your support…



Posting your Hype project (or an example Hype project that exhibits the issue) will be important for Forum members who would want to help You find a solution.


thanks for your reply.

This is the file! (2.0 MB)




The buttons worked for me in the Hype Preview mode on the iPad 4 (iOS10.3.3) - however your posted file did not: “”.

Your ZIP was just an HTML file with a Hype resources folder - not the Hype project itself (far more useful).

I reconstituted the actual Hype document by selecting the “257290-restorable.plist” (in the “Test_Hype_GianluigiLasco.hyperesources” folder) from the Hype app’s “Help” menu" (“Restore Document from Import…”).

This “restored” Hype document is what I used to test your project - not the HTML file in your upload.

Opps sorry!

here the file projects… one with Javascript, one without javascript…

thanks a lot for your support! (75.5 KB) (111.8 KB)

… the strange thing is that i can try with this other file, all is fine with ipad! but it has the same code of my files… really i don’t understand… (115.8 KB)

update: i tested the file with IOS 9 and all si fine… the problem is with IOS 11x… strange.

Some ideas?

Thanks a lot


I am not on iOS11 - sorry! Hopefully someone else on the Forum could help You out.

Don’t worry, Thanks a lot for support!

Someone else on the forum? This is a really strange problem… so, now, into the App Store there isn’t an App builded in Hype without Audio problems in relation to ios 11.x?

The Test_Audio_With_javascript file was trying to play an audio element from within an HTML widget – to get this to work I moved the code within the HTML widget to a regular rectangle below. This is on the same ‘window’ level as the JavaScript function:
Test_Audio_With_javascript (106.9 KB)

I’m not sure why iOS11 is having issues with this audio.

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Thanks a lot… with simple rectangle now all is fine… also into ios 11.x in preview mode. I need to test it on line.

but really, i don’t know why!

is there an on line resource about Javascript + Hype?

Thanks a lot!

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Especially if you’re hoping to learn about audio & Javascript control, this forum is the place to learn.

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