Audio not playing on iPhone (iOS 12.1.2)

Hey folks. Wish you all a happy new year.
I have an issue with a hype project. I created 4 buttons and when you click on one of these buttons, it plays another timeline and an audio file. It’s working fine on Desktop and iPad but on the iPhone only the timeline plays and the audio is not playing. The iPhone I’m testing with runs iOS 12.1.2. Any suggestions?

I’ve attached the hype project. The end result is also published here:

Thanks a lot for your help.

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Salvatore (2.5 MB)

Works for me on the iPhone 12.0

Hi MaxZieb, thanks a lot for testing. Maybe is also an issue with my iPhone (5s, it’s a bit old :slight_smile:).
Have you tested it on the website (

Yes, works just fine!

Du könntest noch eine Klickfläche drüber legen, so dass es bei einem laufenden Ton eine Möglichkeit zurück gibt auf das Menü und der Ton angehalten wird. Wenn das zu aufwendig ist dann zumindest um weitere Klicks zu blocken solange der Ton läuft. Viele Grüße

Is your phone muted?

Web Audio (via Hype’s API method) does not produce sound when muted (unlike <audio> or <video> tags).

Danke MaxZieb, gute Idee

Hi Jonathan. Yeah you’re right, that’s exactly the problem. When I unmute my phone everything is working.
Thanks a lot. Is there a way to play audio even if the device is muted? I know a lot of people (including me) that have always muted their phone.

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Check this

You could use something like this to display a message / call to action to unmute the phone

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Thanks Max for the link. I think this is a bit above my skills :slight_smile: so I just leave it as it is. :smile:

I’d like to provide an option to choose HTML5 audio instead of the Web Audio API method to help get around this problem in a future release.