Audio Not Playing Correctly on iPhones - HELP

Trying to post breakout sessions from recent expo. The audio files seem to work fine on Mac Safari, Chrome and iPhone when running locally from Hype Reflect. After uploading, the audio only plays a few seconds, or not at all, or only once (yes very weird). Work around is to just load the MP3 file. Link to no-working page: and Hype file: (146 Bytes)
Any Help appreciated.

When I go to the webpage on my iPhone 12 mini on iOS 15.4 beta 2, and click the play icon for the audio, it seems to work just fine for me (at least for ~30 seconds).

Could you perhaps provide more context like the device, OS version, and any other steps? Also, does the play bar show as downloading/progressing? Perhaps you could provide a video of what is happening.

If it only happens when the file is uploaded, it sounds like it could be a server configuration issue.

You may also be able to see if there are any specific console errors by checking out the logs: