Audio files not updating

I am having some problems when I edit (with Audition) audio files from within Hype. They do not update as Photoshop or Illustrator files do. I noticed that when saving from Audition they go to Hype Scratch discs by default. Any suggestions?


Are you using Edit > Edit In from the resource library?

Does audition write directly to the file? Or does it re-export a new file (and you choose the same name)?

My guess is that Audition is making a new file and is unable to modify the original file in a way that Hype can pickup.

This is how the Resource library's 'edit in' function works. Edits are written to a file in a temporary folder and changes to that file are incorporated back into the document.

I right-click the file in Resources and pick Edit in Audition. I make the changes and save, as I would in Photoshop/Illustrator. Would you recommend Exporting back to the original audio folder so as Hype can pick up that it has been changed?

I think the difference for audio & video apps, is the file is not modified, it is completely re-rendered in the application, deleted + recreated with the same file name each time. So Hype might not be able to pickup these changes. You may need to select Edit > Update from Original file if Hype doesn't automatically detect changes.

Ok, I think the safest route is to replace the original file with the updated one.