Audio don't play when exporting to mp4

I have an timeline action (play sound) in a Hype project. It’s perfect when I preview and when I export that project to HML5.

But when I try to export a project (any project) to mp4 file, everything is ok but the audio don’t play.
I have try different hype projects, with different sounds and all formats (mp3 and also .off and .wav).

What can I do?
Thanks in advance.

In the documentation it mentions that this is the case.

Note that any audio embedded in your document is not included in either video or animated GIF exports. Also note that video exporting is only supported on OS X 10.7 “Lion” and later. For information on capturing audio please view this forum post

Ups! I’m sorry, I didn’t see this information before. My fault!
Thanks for your quick response