Audio delay after html export


I bumped into a weird problem. I want to play a simple “click” sound when the user clicks a button. All works as intended when previewing my project in Safari. Although, after html export there is about a one second delay between the “mouse down event” and the playing of the sound bit. Attached you can find a simple illustration of the problem. I am on a Mac, using Safari 8.0.6. Any ideas? (106.3 KB)

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It seems because you have it on button down, it is waiting for that trigger. If you change it to click, or tap, it works as expected :smile:


Thanks for your reply Andrew. I doesn’t seem to matter what event triggers the sound, I tried them all and I always get the one second delay. Here is the strange part; when I Hype-preview the file in Safari it works perfectly. It’s only after html-export that the delay appears. I did some more research and found out that all works well in Firefox. It seems to be a Safari issue (on my Mac?). Weird. I’ll post my findings if I find the culprit.


I documented the audio issue in a short screencast ( There seems to be an issue with HTML5/Safari. PS: I disabled all extensions in Safari (latest version 8.0.6 & Yosemite 10.10.3). I am clueless. This should be simple, right?

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I see, can you send the exported version on here, see if i get the same results ?


Sure, here they (141.9 KB)


I have made a piano, and exported it to HTML5. Piano
This works fine on my iOS devices (iPhone 4, 6s and iPad). On my Android tab, there is about half a second delay between the mouse down/touch and the sound.

  1. Can someone please test it on their Android device to see if it is the same.
  2. Does anyone have a solution to this issue?


My results were the same as @Hermosa69. Safari is a laggard - no matter what the setting.

On Firefox & Chrome a “click~tap” is a hair slower than “mouseDown” - which is what I would expect - business as usual.

This situation also highlights the time wasters when coding - there are all these exceptions… things that should work but they don’t… is it the code or something in the “black box”. Usually it is the code writer ;-> Reading this forum has been immensely helpful for these types of situations. My goodness it is a simple click to play and Safari boots it (and the sound is preloaded).