Atlas Ad Server Supported?

Can anyone confirm that Atlas will accept ads created with Hype? I have their spec sheet and I don’t see any big problems jumping out at me from that. File size restrictions seem pretty loose with them.

What about other Ad Servers? Who is using this in the real world? I have only used Hype now for about 15 minutes it looks like a really nice tool.

Thanks in advance…

Yes, Atlas does accept ads made with Hype. I guess this is the spec you have?

They did have a restriction on folders within folders, so you would have to pull everything out of the Hype resources folder and change paths accordingly, but I believe that restriction has been lifted.

Yes, thank you. I have that same spec sheet. I agree it looks like the restrictions on folders is gone as well. I just wondered if anyone out there has put some ads through with them without issue. I will need to figure out how to add in the clicktags, but it looks like Hype is flexible enough to allow for that.

I can tell you for sure that Hype has worked on DoubleClick for publishers (DFP), Adwords, Revive, Sizmek, and likely more that we’ve haven’t heard about via email or through these forums.

You can add this function to your head:

 <script type="text/javascript">
    var clickTag = "{{PUB_CLICKTHROUGH}}";

Then run the following JS ‘On Mouse Click’
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I just got feedback from Atlas on a dozen ads I submitted, which reminds me of another restriction (which Daniel has addressed above): the {{PUB_CLICKTHROUGH}} has to be in the HTML file so their parser can read it. Hype puts it in the hype_generated_script.js file by default. The simple, maybe even dumb, solution is to put the hype_generated_script.js directly in the html file. I guess Daniel’s solution would work too, though I have been skeptical about using, because I thought the banner serving companies might have some other method of opening a new window that I shouldn’t override.

By the way, I also work with a freelancer who uses Flash to create HTML5 banners, and that creates a whole different mess with the {{PUB_CLICKTHROUGH}} that has to be corrected in a similar manner.

There’s a few other ways to do this. Haven’t seen an issue with (yet), but you could also create a standard href and manipulate the src attribute of that href as you wish. Here’s that technique: Ads: Include at least one ‘ClickTag’ in your html?

And here’s a few more, most of which use the technique:

I forgot, one other Atlas-specific limitation: they will not accept files with “@” in the file name, like the ones Hype generates for Retina displays. So you’ll want to deselect the “Automatically optimize when exporting” option and re-export–manually deleting those files means Retina display-equipped devices won’t have a resource to download.

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My reason for avoiding was that all the examples I’ve seen in specs have had the {{PUB_CLICKTHROUGH}} in an a href link, and I thought the servers might have their own JS method for opening in a new window that I’d be overriding. Sounds like my caution was misplaced, though.

Just experienced one more real-world quirk when submitting banners to Atlas.
On this last batch, I added margin: 10px to the body element in the site head HTML.
It looks nicer when we are showing banners to our client.

I got back a note saying all my banners didn’t work and the outer border was misaligned.It looked to be…about 10px inset from the top and left edges.

It took me a minute to realize that once our banners are in Atlas’ world, there must be another body element that is picking up my styling. I removed the styling and resubmitted successfully.

If you work directly with Atlas, you would be able to see a mistake like this in advance; unfortunately, we work through a media buying agency, so we don’t have access to Atlas’ testing tools.

Thanks for all of the great feedback guys! I will definitely be referring back to this post. I am just learning about how to use Hype now and am excited about the possibilities.

You’re welcome. Sorry to be filling up this thread, but I am actually working with Atlas and I thought this might be the best place to share the quirks. And with that, I’ve got another one for you.

Atlas will not accept zipped files that include the file that Hype exports. I think you can turn this off so that it doesn’t get exported but in any case, they will ask you to resubmit your files if you send it along, even though it would be simple for them to delete them.

I understand the file allows for some CSS3 support for IE 6-8. So as long as you don’t actually need that, then you’d be fine to delete it.

If you do “Advanced Export…” there’s an option to turn off support for IE 6-9, and that will stop the file from being exported. For Atlas, you should disable “Create restorable document file” as wll.