At what point does using Hype become restricted without knowing code?

So, could I take my design from Sketch and get it working within Hype without really knowing code?

I want the header to reduce and be ‘Sticky’ on page scroll down? Is this possible?

For instance, I want a carousel in the header. Is this an animation in a separate time line?

Could a panoramic 360 photo be placed on a web page and scrubbed left/right?

You get the idea! I’m really just needing to know before I buy if Invision would be the best for this with my skill set, though I love the responsive HTML bedrock in which this is built.

Really appreciate your assistance!

Yes, but everything has a learning curve, how big that learning curve is depends on where you choose to push the envelope. Been here since Hype 1.5 and still learning, and there are people on here MUCH further along than me.

I tend to try to creatively maximize the use of standard features that don’t require coding, and you CAN go a long way with that. I know I will most likely have to go there sometime.

( I spent 20 years in race cars, and the reason we won was because of how we took the builders car and applied dozens of little 1% improvement tweaks here and there (within rules of course, well, we sometimes caused them to write new rules LOL,(

Its kind of the same thing) It’s a tool, and the Master will always do better than the student until the student becomes a Master by experience.

At what point does an app become bogged down by the weight of its own features? Like anything Adobe?

I would suggest dropping the $99 and test driving it if you are that serious and it sounds like you are.
But it can’t be a 24 hour process for you to learn the items on your list. Or for one of us to give you a quick 5 minute course on each one of those items.

Do I sense that you are on a short deadline here? Been there, done that, and bled for it. But I didnt have to the next time I had a similar project, so…

We are lucky that we CAN take Hype and code in addition to it, so look at it that way.

Additionally, I think almost all of these questions can be answered by searching topics on this forum. Not trying to be a hardnose.

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