At the heart of the world thanks to hype

(sa1) #1

Hello. I would like to introduce my first big project made with hype. It makes a huge use of the CSS scaling new functionality in hype 3.5. Even though it’s in french you should get the main purpose.
I made this job for a team on the most famous sailing race around the world wich occur now : The Vendée Globe.
Feedbacks are welcome.

(Greg) #2

Beautiful & informative – well done, thanks.

(Peter Bright) #3

Wow, nice. Thanks for sharing :wink:

(Freelancer) #4

@sa1 if this is the first I can’t wait to see the next :slight_smile:
Very nice job, elegant design and smooth animations! Hype is great for this type of work


(Boy Kollee) #5

Great job!

(Freelancer) #6

Beautiful! I like the little extra effects on the animations, like the fish jumping out of the water. Nice work, @sa1!